Saturday, August 10, 2013

Post-Call Ramblings

Last night was pretty calm at the hospital - at least as far as consults were concerned.  Unfortunately, that didn't keep my pager from obnoxiously beeping at what seemed to be 10 minute intervals from about 12:30am to 4am.  Obviously, I was not meant to get any reasonably deep sleep.

A run through Myers Park with music blasting is the perfect remedy for post-call blahs.  It's never easy to get going, but after six miles I was a whole different person.

Post-call pancakes in all of their glory are a requirement in my world.  After, of course, I proceed immediately from car to shower and vigorously scrub away all of the nasty hospital germs.

An hour-long midday nap could easily become a daily habit if I had the schedule that allowed for the peaceful block of time.

"Summer melon" was my adventurous purchase at the farmer's market last weekend.  It's the sliced fruit in the above picture and tastes like a combination of cantaloupe and honeydew.

Eggs scrambled with a random assortment of fresh vegetables has come to be one of my favorite lazy weeknight dinners.

I love supporting all of the local farmers and vendors in the Charlotte area.  Last weekend Whole Foods had a lunch and learn with the local vendors and I enjoying hearing about their passion for food and locally cultivated and crafted delicacies.  Bonus that they surprised us with an elaborate lunch spread featuring all of their products.

Dinner eaten al fresco on the deck while enjoying the last hour of sunshine brings the day to an end in a very enjoyable way.  Now if only it weren't for the 100% humidity and mosquitoes trying to eat me alive.

And  last, but not least, climbing into bed the  night after missing sleep is a fantastic feeling.  Too bad there's and alarm clock set and ticking for morning.

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