Sunday, November 15, 2015

Life After Louisville

Ironman Louisville feels as though it was ages ago, yet it's only been five weeks.  Life has been flying by at the blink of an eye and I have no idea where the time has gone.   Let's see, I last left off just as I was returning to Atlanta from Louisville.  In typical fashion, Mom and I celebrated our birthdays together with a delicious meal of split pea soup, applesauce, herb rolls, and caesar salad.  Thanks to Grandma for making the soup and applesauce and for bringing a decadent birthday cake!

Bailey joined in the action as well by opening the presents and shredding the wrapping paper to an abundance of small drool covered pieces.

My very sore self drove back to Charlotte the following day and sat at the bottom of the staircase for a solid 10 minutes finding the strength to carry all of my luggage and bike back upstairs.

One evening I opted for convenience and cashed in a birthday coupon at Fresh To Order.  My hassle-free dinner included citrus glazed salmon, roasted corn, and grilled vegetables.

Perhaps the single thing I was most looking forward to post-Ironman was lazy weekend mornings that didn't involve a six-hour workout.  Sometimes it is the simple pleasures of sleeping in and enjoying a latte in my pajamas that are the best weekend plans.

Many recent dinners have consisted of scrambled eggs, soup, grilled cheese sandwiches, or PB&J.  On an occasion, however, I've had the time to prepare a more well-balanced meal.  This particular dinner included a brussel sprout gratin over brown rice, roasted zucchini, turnips, and garlic broccoli.

Bailey came to stay with me for two weeks while Mom and Dad were vacationing in California.  

She did her fair share of lounging and made sure to verbalize her need for a blanket any time she was chilled.

I tried my hardest to spend one entire weekend studying for my orthopaedic in-training exam and Bailey tried equally hard to demonstrate her dislike for my idleness.

The secret to getting her to sleep while I study is to go on an 8 mile run.  That was worth about an hour nap before she was back to her pestering self.

On Halloween she dressed up and looks just as adorable as ever.  Fortunately, we didn't have even a single trick-or-treater for her to scare.

We enjoyed a Saturday morning at Atherton Mill buying some local produce and sipping on a chai latte in the sunshine.  Bailey maintained her aloof personality despite endless people petting her and commenting on her beauty.

Over the course of two weeks, we covered nearly 80 miles of walking and running.  I discovered several great neighborhoods within walking distance that I had never explored.  Bailey got her exercise, and I was able to study and walk at the same time.  Speaking of workouts, my post-Ironman off-season is in full swing.  I've continued some swimming, biking, and running, but added more time lifting weights and trying out some pilates, yoga, and barre classes.

Despite spending many  more hours in her crate than she is used to at home, Bailey was certainly very content to cozy up on the sofa and sleep each evening.  It was a wonderful two weeks being a dog owner, but it is certainly hard work to balance a busy work schedule with the demands of a very active pet.  Although I won't be getting a dog of my own any time soon, Bailey will be back for a few weeks in May!

And with that, I've caught you up on the past five weeks.  I'm headed home for Thanksgiving in 10 days and I'm thrilled to enjoy a few days of family, rest, and relaxation!

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