Saturday, May 19, 2012

From Sea to Air

How is it possibly May 19th already?  Nine days ago I was boarding a flight from Charlotte to Atlanta and preparing to set sail on a week-long Caribbean vacation.  Now I find myself sitting at the Orlando Airport with six hours to kill before I fly back to Charlotte.  Coming home, I'd like to think I'm a slightly different person than when I left.  Nicely tanned, a few pounds heavier (so . . . much . . . food), well rested, and filled with pictures and memories of a fantastic vacation with my family!  On my camera alone I have 150+ pictures, not to mention the hundreds captured by Mom and Erin.  I'll share an assortment of them over several posts, but for today I'll leave you with a brief synopsis and a few pics to keep you coming back for more.

Carnival Dream
May 12 - 19, 2012

Day 1: Port Canaveral
Day 2: Day at Sea: Sun, Relaxation, and Food
Day 3: Cozumel: Playa Uvas excursion
Day 4: Belize: A Bus, A Boat, and the Mayan Ruins
Day 5: Roatan: Cloudy day
Day 6: Costa Maya:  Shops, Rain, and Reading
Day 7: Day at Sea:  In Search of Sun
Day 8: Port Canaveral

The abundance of food requires its own lengthy post.  Suffice it to say, there were certainly no food shortages on the Carnival Dream.  Overall all, I was quite impressed with the options and certainly felt as though I left every meal feeling fuller than the last.

Aside from soaking up the sun and relaxing on the ship's deck, we had a couple great excursions.  Here we all are in front of the Mayan ruins at Lamanai.

Our family Western Caribbean Cruise Vacation 2012 was a huge success!  I'll be back soon with the details.

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