Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Where Did May Go?

Cool Quinoa Salad
Peruvian quinoa, asparagus, bean sprouts, carrots, and ginger dressing
Each and every month seems to be passing even faster than the one before.  May has been largely about working - lots and lots of hours at the hospital.  Nicely placed in the middle of the month was an amazing week-long Carnival Cruise.  If you've missed the posts recapping the ship, the food, or the places, be sure to check them out.  I feel like in the limited time I was home, I did nothing other than workout or sleep.  Occassionally, though, I tossed together some nourishment.  Here's a glimpse at some odds and ends that found their way onto my camera.

Roasted tofu and vegetables with a garlic-basil dressing

Everything-but-the-kitchen-sink salad and pizza bread

Check out my baby squashes!  I can't wait until I have a garden full of fresh summer produce.

Coffee - lots and lots of coffee needed to keep an ortho resident semi-happy on general surgery

Brunch at 4pm
Meals become a mix of breakfast and lunch when I'm working the night shift.
Whole Grain Goodness toast, hummus, avocado, tomato, and fried egg sandwich + orange 

Whole Wheat English Muffin + Almond Butter + Banana Mash + Cinnamon
Look what I found on my doorstep when I arrived home from vacation.  It's my foodie pen pal package!  Thanks Karin for a great selection of goodies!  I've already had my hand in the sugared nuts and will have to hide them in the back of my pantry or they'll be sure to disappear in a week's time.  I can't wait to try the pear chocolate bar, and the rice will likely find its way into an upcoming dinner.  Be sure to check Karin's blog, Savor The World, for a foodie tour around many cultures of the world.

Wild Rice Blend, Dark Chocolate Pear and Almond Bar, Stash Teas (Mint and  Lemon Ginger),
Kashi Granola Bars (unpictured) and  Sugared Nuts from her family's bakery.

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