Sunday, June 30, 2013

Another Year Bites the Dust

What is the importance of today - June 30th, 2013?  It marks my last day as a PGY-2 ortho resident.  Tomorrow marks day one as a PGY-3.  Two years down, 3 years to go.  Enough about work, let's looks at some recent eats.
Spinach salad with avocado and fresh-from-the-garden strawberries, cherry tomatoes, and cucumber.

Tempeh tacos with cucumber salsa and coconut roasted squash

A reward for finishing a post-call interval run
Luna's Gateway to Green
Pesticide-Free and NC locally Grown Kale, Granny Smith Apple, Orange, Lemon, and Ginger
Friday night I celebrated the end of two months of trauma with Yelp's Charlotte Rock City Party at The Fillmore.  The spread of food from local restaurants (505e, Libretto's, Cast Iron Waffles, Crunch, Local Loaf, Mama Fu's, Orman's Cheese Shop, The Pizza Peel, The Flying Biscuit, and Three Amigos) was delicious.

In addition, drinks were flowing and music kept the party lively.  The Fillmore was packed for the Friday evening "Rock City" party.  This was my first Yelp event, and I look forward to many more in the future.

Both Saturday and Sunday I enjoyed a wonderful night's rest and casual wake-ups sans alarm clock.  Nothing beats a lazy morning in bed without any rush to get up and go.  Saturday, however, I was motivated to squeeze in a run before the sun came out in full force.  I took my favorite 8 mile loop through South Park and Myers Park before heading back to the house.

Post-run nourishment included a green smoothie while glancing through the Peachtree Road Race magazine.  T-minus 4 days until I'll be running down Peachtree with 55,000 of my best friends.  It's by far my favorite race quite simply due to the size, street-fair like atmosphere, and the fact it's an annual family tradition.

Our residency is in the process of growing by leaps and bounds, though not in the number of residents, but rather in BABIES!  This weekend we had a shower for a group of the soon-to-be moms.

The hosts threw a "Mad Hatter's Tea Party" themed shower, complete with a formal afternoon tea.  They did a fantastic job decorating and building a menu of little bites.

After being on the go for most of Saturday, I knew laziness would be the theme for Sunday.  I started the day by making a fresh cup of Kona Coffee.  Dad and Mom brought the macadamia flavored grounds straight from the islands.  There is no better bean that authentic Kona coffee - smooth and absolutely  no bitterness at all.

And, of course, I enjoyed a pancake breakfast while catching up on the news with the Today Show.

Eventually I dragged myself out of the cozy chair and knocked out a 90 minute threshold bike workout.  Tomorrow I start two months of hand surgery, so the remainder of the day was spent reading and reviewing hand anatomy.  I have lots to learn!  Last, but not least, dinner.  Tonight's plating was roasted sweet and purple potatoes, "cheesy" collard greens, and avocado.

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