Monday, July 8, 2013

A Rainy 4th of July Run Down Peachtree

Running the Peachtree Road Race in Atlanta is an annual tradition.  The street party-like 10k Independence Day celebration in the heart of downtown is unlike any other road race.  Since I was working last year on the 4th, I was especially excited to make the short trip home for 2013.  

Any trip home wouldn't be complete without mentioning how excited my favorite puppy was to see me.  Sadly, I'm not so sure how much she was loving me after I forced her into getting a bath.

After a rainy drive, I enjoyed a casual evening at home with a grilled salmon dinner followed by an decadent s'mores cake.  Dad even lit the chimnea and we watched the flames while dodging raindrops.

Thursday morning we were up bright and early to drive downtown and catch Marta to the race start.  Mom opted to stay home with a headache and a threat of potentially heavy rains.  Dad, Royce, Erin, and I all donned garbage bags and set out to brave the rain.

Fortunately, the weather gods blessed us with a rain-free interval that stretched from just as the race began, all the way until we were walking the last block back to the car.  Of the 60,000 registered participants, there were more than 55,000 finishes - pretty remarkable given the weather.  I had a decent first three miles, running 6:45s, but pretty quickly could tell there was no way I would be able to hold onto the pace.  Since it is the middle of tri season, I didn't specifically taper for the Peachtree, and my legs just weren't up for fast running. I finished in 46:25, about 4 minutes shy of my Peachtree PR two years ago.  

Post-race we were paraded through the mud pit that was Piedmont Park, collecting t-shirts, food, and drink as we went.  Ultimately, I found Dad (who had another great race and continues to become faster!) and a bit later, Royce and Erin.

 Back at home, I enjoyed a fantastic afternoon nap before indulging in an Independent Day clam steam.  Mom did all of the prep work and menu planning, and the boys manned the steamer pot.

Bailey and I pretty much lounged around and took full advantage of a lazy rainy afternoon.  She convinced me she had a really rough morning (up sick overnight, a bath, and thunder-boomers) and needed a buddy to keep her company.  It took a lot of convincing, but I obliged to an afternoon of being couch potatoes.

Six o'clock rolled around and the giant pot of clams, shrimp, "kielbasa" (tofurky), corn, and potatoes, was ready for consumption.  Great job guys, it was delicious!

In addition to the steam, we feasted on a kale and carrot salad and watermelon.  Grandma satisfied our sweet tooth with vanilla yogurt and berries for dessert.

 Friday morning I hit the road bright and early and made my way back to Charlotte.  Despite the rainy weather and sub-par race performance, it was a great getaway and time with the family!

Do you have any Independence Day traditions?

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