Sunday, July 21, 2013

A Week's Worth

Another week is in the books - and a pretty quality one with respect to workouts.  I log my daily swim/bike/run on Training Peaks, and looking back over the past month or so, it's been pretty lackluster in both the quantity and quality departments.  In an attempt to find some racing success in the next few months, I'm trying to kick it up a notch.  Here's what that effort looked like this week:

Monday - Swim 200s (3000 yd)

Tuesday - Bike Hill Climb (70 min), Strength (45 min)

Wednesday - Swim Sprints (2800 yd), Yoga (25 min)

Thursday - Bike VO2 max intervals (90 min), Recovery Run (5 miles)

Friday - Swim Drills (2600 yd), Yoga (25 min)

Saturday - Endurance Bike (30 miles), Core (30 min)

Sunday - Bike Warm Up Intervals (30 min), Run 10k Step-Ups

It took a lot of mental toughness to get through that run today with respectable splits.  This week, I'm reminded of just how exhausted my body can feel after some quality training.  A few more quality workouts over the next few days, and then it's taper time for next weekend's triathlon.

To go along with the training is a week's worth of food.  As you can tell, I've been all about cold meals - salads, smoothies, and fresh fruit.  The combination of heat and humidity makes it all but unbearable to be outside except for the early morning hours.  Thus, fresh crisp produce wins by a landslide versus heating up the oven or stove top.  Fortunately, there's  bounty of fruits and veggies in season for the picking!

Balsamic drizzled chopped salad with tofu
Cinnamon roasted carrots
Homemade gazpacho (full of fresh farmer's market veggies)
Grilled brie and apple sandwich on cranberry walnut bread
Post-run protein berry smoothie for dinner
Tuna salad, crackers, roasted zucchini, figs, and cherries
Chopped salad and grapes
Maryland crab cake, zucchini, and roasted butternut squash
Yet again, the weekend is seemingly coming to an end rather quickly.  I'm off to savor Sunday afternoon with some relaxation, reading, and possibly a nap on the couch.

Did you accomplish all of your workout plans for the week?
Anyone else opting for cold refreshing meals over baking?

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