Saturday, January 31, 2015

Fellowship Travels

Fellowship is a one-year training program that follows an orthopaedic residency program, and is completed in the subspecialty of your choice.  Since December, I've been traveling here-there-and-everywhere interviewing for pediatric orthopaedic fellowships.  I applied to 16 programs, received 16 interview invites, and have chosen 11 programs to travel to and formally interview.  It's been tough with respect to scheduling and work coverage, but it's been fun exploring so many different cities.  Here's a glimpse of my travels to the first six programs.

Jacksonville, FL
Nemours Chidlren's Hospital

Warmth and sugar on a cold and rainy day in New York City
Columbia's Wolfson Children's Hospital

Philadelphia at night
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Inner Harbor in Baltimore
Johns Hopkins University

Central Park on a cold winter day
Hospital for Special Surgery

Incredible view from my room at the Bentley Hotel in NYC
Brod Kitchen at 63rd and 2nd was filled with organic sandwiches, salads, soups, and pastries
A panini and split pea soup was the perfect easy dinner after a six mile walk around the city 
Good Night NYC!

En route from LaGuardia to Denver the morning after 5 inches of snow and ice 

Upgraded on United Airlines - complete with extra leg room, a window seat, and TV.

Welcome to Denver!
A dream rental car - a mustard yellow box
Aurora, CO
Colorado Children's Hospital
6 programs down, 5 programs to go!  Aside from some flight delays due to weather, I've been fortunate so far not to be stranded by any of the snowstorms.  Hopefully that fortune will continue as I venture to Atlanta, Boston, Nashville, Dallas, and Cincinati.

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