Saturday, April 30, 2016

Robert James Gavin 1937 - 2016

Born to Thomas and Frieda, he was the youngest of three children including sister Eileen and brother Thomas.  He was the proud parent of Kathy, Sean, and Patrick, and numerous grandchildren and great-grandchildren (including Eli, the most recent great-grandson born just three days before his passing).

Grandpa always enjoyed spending time with his children and grandchildren.  This was evident up until the end, when on one of his last days he repeatedly said "so proud" when looking at a picture of Royce and Erin with their newborn son.

Grandpa loved nothing more than a big holiday meal, always accepting a second helping and leaving not a single morsel untouched.  When given the choice of restaurants, he selected Mexican every time, and could have made an entire meal out of chips, salsa, and cheese dip.

After spending the majority of his life in Florida, he and Grandma moved north to the Atlanta area years after retirement.    Although he seemed to enjoy the area, there was nothing he disliked more than the winter weather.  His favorite hobby was reading, and at times he would finish a book every week.  His loyal companion, Happy, could always be found in his lap or curled up at his feet.

After more than six months battling cancer with family at his side, I'm quite positive Grandpa is glad to be done fighting.  Gone is the cane that he so adamantly refused to use, the multiple monthly doctor visits which frustrated him to no end, and medications that dictated his daily schedule.  Instead, I'm pretty sure he's reading lots of great books, eating dessert after every meal, and soaking up the sunshine.  Robert James Gavin - "Grandpa" - you will be missed by us all and will always hold a special place in our hearts.

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