Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Day in the Life

I suppose many people think by current life is a dream come true.  My last medical school rotation ended in late March, and since then I've essentially been on a long-term vacation.  I start residency in late June, so in total it will be 3 months of freedom from school or work responsibilities.  Sounds nice, right?!?  While it sounds great in theory, it's been a difficult adjustment for someone like me who has gone non-stop pedal to the metal for 4 years of medical school.  As someone told me the other day, he imagines it must be like getting out of prison and returning to the real world after years of confinement.  I'd never thought of it like that, but that's a pretty funny comparison.  After a while, you start to get bored with sleeping in and lounging around.  My only worries each day are deciding when I'm going to swim/bike/run, and what I'm preparing for all of my meals.  My DVR is empty, I know all the latest celebrity gossip (which, by the way, I could really care less about Arnold's baby momma!), I've read lots of books, and cooked some  great meals.  A few weeks ago I would have told you I was getting anxious to move to Charlotte and get on with residency, but as the "vacation" is slowly disappearing, I'm really treasuring my freedom.

I get asked a lot what I've found to do to occupy my days, so I thought I'd give you a peak at the fun!

7:00AM - Wake-up sans alarm clock.  Enjoy a latte and breakfast in bed while watching the Today show.  Catch up on emails and the latest Facebook and twitter happenings.

10:00AM - The dog and I hit the road and arrive at the Chattahoochee River for a run.  Today's plan is speed-work - 5 x 1 mile repeats at 10K pace with 3 minute recovery.  Speed-work HURTS!!  8.5 miles and 20 minutes of stretching later we're back in the car.

12:30PM - Time to fuel the machine.  I take advantage of being near Whole Foods and drop in for some delicious eats.  I peruse the aisles, enjoying all of the samples, and then hit the salad bar.  I swear I could eat from their salad bar everyday and be a happy person!  Lunch is enjoyed while soaking up the sun - so glad Atlanta's winter-in-May has left!
Spinach base, broccoli, kale, chicken salad, tuna salad, grilled vegetables, chile lime quinoa salad, pesto pasta, roasted vegetable barley salad, baked beans, cherry balsamic tofu, sesame soy tofu, and honey roasted sweat potatoes.
2:00PM - Quick trip to Sam's Club to pick up water bottles and cases of beer for a party on Saturday.  I think you could have picked the entire cast for next season's "Biggest Loser" from the store.  It really is amazing how much junk people can pack in a single cart.  This picture pretty much sums up the purchases of the average customer.  I was starting to feel guilty after eating a bowl full of vegetables for lunch.  Maybe I should have bought the 64 pack of Jimmy Dean Sausage Croissants or Triple Box of Lucky Charms!

3:00PM - Spend an hour washing my car, vacuuming the carpets, and cleaning the windows.  Refueled with a Mix1 and frozen berry smoothie.  Yum!

4:00PM - Finish planning a fundraising dinner for Saturday - ordering food, organizing a silent auction, and gathering raffle items.

5:00PM - Prep dinner.  Tonight's menu features Mahi Mahi over Bok Choy with a Soy Ginger Glaze and a Brown Basmati Rice Salad.
Brown Basmati Rice Salad with Kale, Red Peppers, and Cumin Vinaigrette
Fish Marinating
Bok Choy and Onions
Soy Ginger sauce is reducing
6:30PM - Dinner while watching NBC Nightly News

7:30PM - Typing this post.

8:00PM - Time to enjoy a bowl of Ben and Jerry's!

And so there you have it - a sneak peak at the glamorous long-term vacation I am enjoying as a recently graduated "DOCTOR".  Fortunately I have a real vacation to Cancun planned in just a couple weeks!  Can't wait!!


  1. Ummm... You weren't supposed to tell anyone about my prison days. That was our little secret! HA

  2. "but as the "vacation" is slowly disappearing, I'm really treasuring my freedom"

    that's pretty much how I felt around the end of summer every year of school, haha :) before you know it (if you're anything like me), you'll probably start wanting these vacation days back soon after you start working, heh.