Sunday, May 29, 2011

Leaving on a Jet Plane

24 hours from now I'll be sitting in a hammock on my ocean front patio enjoying the warm evening air and listening to the crashing waves.  The scenery might happen to look a little like this:
That, my friends, is the Dreams Resort in Cancun, Mexico!  Beginning tomorrow, I'll be enjoying 6 days of beaches, sunshine, fabulous food, and relaxation in paradise.  The trip is a graduation gift from my parents and should be a fantastic girls (Mom and I) getaway.  More importantly, it will likely be the last big trip I take for quite a while since the realities of residency are a mere 4 weeks away.

Before leaving for paradise, I had one last key workout to tackle.  I've had several tough bikes and runs this week and my legs were already feeling pretty dead going into today.  I definitely spent a good 20 minutes laying in bed coming up with every excuse imaginable for not doing and/or modifying my workout.  Also in the back of my head though was "HTFU!", and so I packed the car, grabbed a cup of coffee, and made the drive down to the river.  On the agenda was steady state bike intervals followed by a 10k step-up run.  Despite my negative attitude and frustration throughout much of the workout (trashed legs + 90 degree heat are not a good combination), I survived and accomplished the task for the day.  Hopefully all of my training in the heat will prove beneficial when it comes to racing the scorcher that is the Westpoint Lake Triathlon in 2 weeks.  The prize at the end of the tunnel was a  icy Mango Mix1 and a dip in the Chattahoochee River - a perfect combination.  A 10 minute soak in the cold 70 degree water was exactly what the doctor ordered!

The rest of the day was spent eating, packing, eating, mani/pedi, eating, packing, and finally putting my legs up and catching up on a little TV.  And now, my bed is calling my name.  There's no better sleep than after a hard workout.  See you soon from Cancun!

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