Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Weekend Bliss

First Blogger Fail = writing this complete post yesterday, pushing publish, and losing the whole thing.  Let's try this again.

How can it possibly be Monday already?  In a mere 53 minutes I'll be back to work and enjoying all the fun and excitement that the trauma service adds to my life.  Don't you sense my excitement?!  Maybe not??  I really have enjoyed residency, but let's just say I will be VERY happy to leave the trauma service and start a month of orthopaedics on Thursday.

This weekend has been absolutely perfect!  My parents arrived Friday to spend the weekend in Charlotte.  I haven't seen them since I started residency 2 months ago, so we were very happily reunited.  And look who came along for the ride - BAILEY!
I receive weekly emails from my running partner and bed buddy, but I missed her crazy personality and anxiously awaited her arrival.  She had been resting up all week in preparation for our reunion.

Friday night we had a lazy evening around my house.  Mom had recently made a delicious roasted vegetable marinara sauce and homemade meatballs and brought a pot all the way to Charlotte to share with me.  The sauce was incredibly flavorful and the meatballs tender and savory.  There's nothing better than Mom's home-cooked meals!  Together with pasta, a salad, and garlic bread, it was the perfect meal.  After a walk thru the park, we planted ourselves on the couch and enjoyed watching The Social Network.  Fudgy-Wudgy Raspberry Brownies provided the perfect sweet note to end the evening.  I loosely followed the recipe in Veganomicon and they were pretty darn good!  Evidently between my exhaustion and hunger I completely forgot to take any pictures for your enjoyment.

Saturday morning started with a long night's slumber.  Sleeping until 8am is pretty incredible after endless days of 4am alarm clocks.  The Today Show was enjoyed with a perfect cup of coffee.  Got to love the simple pleasures in life!

After yogurt parfaits for breakfast, we headed out to the Charlotte Regional Farmers Market.  I've heard great things about this market, but had yet to experience it first hand.  I'll definitely be back!  Great selection, great prices, and yummy samples!

We took full advantage of the beautiful weather and spent the afternoon wandering through the beautiful tree-lined streets of Myers Park, enjoying lunch at Cantina 1511, and running in Freedom Park.  Back at home, Dad put on his handy-man hat and tackled several projects.  I now have functioning door locks that don't require a wrestling match to lock and unlock.  What would I do without you, Dad?  You always have a solution for life's problems.  Plus, I now have a completed bonus room that houses all of my swim, bike and run gear and memorabilia.
We capped a great day off with dinner at Mimosa Grill.  And despite the large meal, we might just have made a little extra room for another Fudgy Wudgy Brownie!

Sunday brought another wonderfully lazy morning.  Breakfast featured multi-grain morning glory muffins + scrambled eggs + oranges.  The rest of the day included shopping for patio furniture (disappointingly unsuccessful), office furniture (finally found the perfect thing!), and groceries (have I mentioned my love for EarthFare?).  Before we new it the entire day had passed, and Mom and Dad had to make their way back to Atlanta.  It was a fantastic visit, and I can't wait to see them again in October!

Since I start night float tonight, I enjoyed yet another sleep-in morning today.  Three days in a row of sleeping until 8am - I could get used to that!!  And I could also get used to this pancake breakfast.

Then I headed out for an 8 mile run.  Never before has 8 miles felt so long!  My work schedule has definitely negatively impacted my fitness.  The rest of the day has been pretty uneventful - assembling office furniture, yoga, lunch featuring Mom's marinara, and a long afternoon nap.

And now the weekend has come to an end.  I was in desperate need of a few days off to catch up on life, and this weekend provided exactly that.  So glad I could spend the weekend with those I love soaking up the beautiful weather and enjoying Charlotte!  I feel refreshed, energized, and ready to tackle the last 3 nights of trauma!


  1. well lady its nice to see your face. I love those dog pics. My sadie lays the same way. What race is next for you?

  2. Unfortunately, I'm taking a little hiatus from tris for the rest of this season. Work schedule is pretty hectic. Training enough just to stay in shape.

  3. Very cool that you're in Charlotte too! I've been here about a month now, but I haven't had any time to explore. The regional farmers market is definitely on my list of things to check out asap.