Saturday, September 10, 2011

The List

I'm a list person.  Perhaps that correlates with my type-A personality.  There's no greater satisfaction than making a very intimidating, page-long to-do list and gradually crossing things off.  Here's what this weekend's list had in store.

  • Free Chick-fil-a breakfast
  • Student loans
  • Clean house (1/2 done, took a break for dinner and blog post)
  • Bills
  • Organize desk
  • Log cases
  • Salutation Nation
  • Farmers Market
  • Run
  • Free TCBY
  • Bike
  • Swim Friday
  • Swim Sunday
  • Nails
  • Ortho reading (made a strong effort . . . until I fell asleep)
  • Journal Club articles
  • Dress pants
  • Sunday dinner
  • Laundry (1 load done, 1 to go)
  • Soak up the sunshine (more to come on Sunday)

I'd say I'm making pretty good progress and I still have all of Sunday!

1 hour yoga class + beautiful crisp morning + 70 fellow yogis = great start to the day

Endurance Run (8:12 pace).  It's pathetic how NOT easy this felt.  Residency has definitely zapped my run fitness!

Lunch = Whole Wheat Bagel + Veggie Cream Cheese + Raspberry Jam + Tomato + Fried Eggs + Basil

Most definitely the tastiest sandwich I've had in a long time!  It was epic!

3 pairs dress pants + skirt for $73 dollars.  Have I mentioned that I'm a bargain shopper?

Back to house cleaning I go.  I was trying to procrastinate by enjoying the GA v SC game, but it's really not looking too good for the Dogs.  It's pretty pathetic when cleaning is the better alternative to watching the football game.

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