Sunday, September 11, 2011


Have you ever watched a cooking show and drooled over the delicious foods being made?  Please tell me I'm not the only one who salivates while watching Food Network, wishing I could smell and taste all of the dishes.  I've heard people mention the idea of "smell-o-vision" and I most certainly agree it would be an incredible invention.  Hmm, I might just have to look into that.  Something tells me that successful inventors aren't working 80 hours per week.

If you could smell and taste dishes thru a TV screen or computer monitor, the one I made for dinner tonight might possibly put you into a food coma.  I adapted a recipe for Eggplant Rollitini in Veganomicon and created an Eggplant "Lasagna".  The flavors were incredible, and you'd never guess that there's not an ounce of cheese.  Instead, a tofu "ricotta" serves as the creamy component layered between eggplant, marinara, and spinach.

Someone please tell me I'm hallucinating and that it's not actually Sunday at 8pm.  Surely the weekend isn't over already, because if it is, I have to be awake in less than 8 hours.  4am alarm clock, I will always despise you!  

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