Saturday, June 9, 2012

Taste of Charlotte

I discovered about a week ago that Taste of Charlotte was happening this weekend.  Being a lover of all things food, I knew immediately how I would be spending my Saturday afternoon.  Here is my agenda for a lovely Saturday away from work:

  • Tri Latta Triathlon - 1st race in more than a year!  Race report coming tomorrow.
  • Laundry - ugh
  • Taste of Charlotte
  • House Supplies: Has anyone else noticed that you coincidentally run out of everything at once?  Literally, I'm out of paper towel, glass cleaner, toilet paper, dish detergent, and garbage bags.  How does that happen?
  • Nap Time/Laziness/Blog
  • Ortho Chief Roast
Now, onto the food.  Taste of Charlotte is an annual event, very similar to other "Taste" events in major cities, that showcases the food from many of the Queen City's casual dining restaurants.  Unlike Taste of the Nation that I attended a few months ago, this is an casual outdoor festival that is free to the public.  To "purchase" food at a particular tent, you need to stop by a coin booth and buy a cup of coins.  For $20, you'll receive 15 coins that you can exchange for food.  Items cost either one, two, or three coins. 

The festival was packed with people

Live music entertained the crowd

An absolutely beautiful day in the Queen City

I love that the Uptown Charlotte area is new, clean, and filled with great stores and restaurants.

One of my favorite natural grocery stores, Healthy Home Market.

Taste number one came from Cafe Sienna.  The Sea Bass Cake with Chipotle Slaw cost 3 tokens.

Last year, this dish one for best taste.  The cake itself was a little heavy on the breading and I would have loved some more fresh slaw, but it was certainly savory and flavorful.

Woodland's Indian Cuisine prepared one of the few vegetarian selections, Vegetable Biryani with Chana Masala.
I was happy to discover something green among lots of fried foods and meat.

Newk's Favorite Salad, minus the chicken.
The bowl was a refreshing mix of romaine, artichokes, pecans, feta, cranberries, grapes, and a sherry vinaigrette.
I've heard great buzz about the fresh cuisine at Loco Lime, but have yet to make it over to Central Ave. to pay a visit.
Vegetarian Taco filled with sauteed zucchini, squash, onions, bell pepper, cilantro, and a duo of sauces.

Last, but not least, was dessert.  I had three coins left and debated between TCBY and a cupcake.  Ultimately, the cupcake won since it was more unique.

The fresh strawberry cupcake sounded perfect for summer.  It's currently sitting on my kitchen counter waiting for the perfect opportunity to be consumed.
Over, Taste of Charlotte was an enjoyable way to spend an hour on a beautiful Saturday.  There were a variety of restaurants being showcased.  Next year, I hope there are perhaps a few more vegetarian options.  If you're in the Charlotte area, the festival continues tonight and Sunday, so head on out and enjoy Uptown.  

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  1. I'm bummed I was out of town and missed it. I'll have to go next year.