Friday, June 29, 2012

Two Days To Go

Two more night shifts as trauma intern stand between me and becoming a PGY-2.  Words cannot even begin to do justice to how ready I am for intern year to be over.  This past three month stretch of trauma ICU, general surgery, and trauma floor has been exhausting both mentally and physically.  It's a good thing I chose orthopaedics, because if I knew my future was anything like the past few months, I'd quickly be reassessing my career choice.

My life has become a constant repeating sequence of workouts, work, and sleep.  Food has become an after thought and I don't remember the last time I prepared a real meal.  Instead, I've depended on Earth Fare's salad bar, smoothies, hummus or peanut butter sandwiches, or salads from the hospital cafeteria.  I'm desperately craving a big hearty meal fresh off the grill enjoyed at a relaxing pace without worrying about the ten other things I need to cram into the hour left in the day.

My favorite meals include bites of lots of different salads.

My attempt to de-stress after a long day with sugary snacks

Pasta salad, Kale, Egg, and Pears
Random, but a satisfying meal

A raspberry smoothie bowl topped with Chia Charger and raisins
I have a feeling the next two nights could be brutal.  Friday and Saturday leading up to the July 4th holiday just screams "get drunk - drive a car - shoot people - assault your "friend" - and do lots generally stupid things."  In other words, do everything in your power to make the trauma intern's life a living hell.  To top it off, I got less than 5 hours of restless sleep today, so my enthusiasm is quite low.  The only saving grace is that it's 105 degrees outside.  Charlotte, just stay inside and lay low these next two nights.  Please, and thank you.

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