Saturday, July 28, 2012

Olympic Spirit

I have been glued to the television for a significant portion of the past 24 hours.  The London 2012 Olympics have finally arrived and I simply cannot get enough of the sporting festival!  I'm most looking forward to soccer (USA Women are leading their group after two dominating victories!), gymnastics, swimming, and triathlon.  Did anyone catch the table tennis today?  Seriously now, how is that possibly an Olympic sport?  Will video games be the next addition?  I'm not saying that their ping pong prowess isn't impressive, I would just hardly consider that to be a "sport" in the same sense as basketball and cycling.

I attempted to summon my athletic energies for a progression run this morning.  It was a little easier to get out the door than usual thanks to these beauties that arrived on my doorstep two days ago.

New shoes!  I absolutely love the Mizuno Wave Inspire and was excited to discover the most recent model was on sale over at National Running Center.  The plan for the workout was 2 miles endurance, 2 miles steady state, 2 miles tempo, and 1 mile cool down.  Fortunately, I had a little entertainment during the tough miles thanks to 24 Hours of Booty (a local bike race) that was simultaneously occurring along my route.  I'm definitely feeling the fatigue in the legs after a couple weeks of solid workouts and am looking forward to my taper in a few days.  I'll be racing Stumpy Creek International Triathlon on Saturday, where hopefully the consistent training was produce results.

After a quick shower, stretching, and rehydration, I made my way to the farmer's market.  Today the market was busier than I've ever seen it and the vendors were stocked to the gills with fresh produce.  I filled my bag with an athena cantaloupe, two tomatoes (one heirloom), peaches, sweet potatoes, avocado, monster okra, broccoli, and kale.  I could have bought so much more, but kept reminding myself that I was providing for a family of one, not four.  

And what better way to re-energize after a tough morning workout than with a nap followed by a tasty lunch.  Today's eats included a hummus and veggie wrap, carrots, and cherries.

Before I leave you, just one small word of advice.  Dishwashers are very particular and desire only dishwashing detergent or the comparable detergent capsules to function effectively.  After placing the last few dirty plates in a very full dishwasher, I discovered I had run out of Cascade tablets.  Using my industrial instincts, I substituted two tablespoons of liquid dish soap instead.  Two hours later I made myself into the kitchen for a late night bowl of ice cream and with my first step into the kitchen found myself slipping, sliding, and landing on my rump.  After collecting my pride, I discovered that half my kitchen was covered in a one foot depth of soap suds.  Great thinking, Crystal!  An hour of clean up and a sore bottom later, I now have Cascade tablets on my grocery list.

Time to go watch the USA battle it out in the pool!

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