Sunday, March 17, 2013

First Spring Weekend

Ahhh . . . 70 degree temperatures and sunshine have never felt so good.  The combination of spring-like weather, a call-free weekend, and no major agenda combined for a perfect first weekend of spring.  Technically, spring begins Wednesday, but the forecast for the upcoming week sounds as though we still have winter temperatures that aren't quite ready to disappear.

It was delightful to roll over Saturday morning and see a clock that read 8am.  That's four extra hours of sleep than I get on a weekday.  After 45 minutes of lifting, I had worked up an appetite.  Let pancake Saturday commence!  This morning they were topped with a mix of warmed banana + almond butter + cinnamon + molasses, and then sprinkled with trail mix.

A perfect spring weekend in Charlotte requires a trip to the farmer's market.  Check out this HUGE bunch of collards - and with a price tag of only $2.  The local farmer told me he carefully maintained these all winter while they grew to peak size.  I loaded up my bag with great produce - radishes, cucumbers, yellow mango, avocado, kombucha squash, eggplant, and snap peas.

My second workout of the day was a 6 mile progression run.  Sadly it was not one of my finer workouts.  I'm struggling with a mysterious knee injury - tendonitis of some kind - and it's really putting a hamper on my running.  And of course, I have no patience for a pestering injury, especially since tri season is upon us.

Saturday night I created a veggie filled dish and topped it with my tofu meatballs.  The base was roasted broccoli slaw, the middle layer was arugula and quinoa mixed with marinara sauce, and then the meatballs were sprinkled with mozzarella cheese.  If you missed the recipe for the tofu meatballs - go check it out.  I'm pretty proud of that recipe.

Sunday's agenda was reading in the sunshine and tackling my first brick workout of the season.  After lounging on the deck for several hours, I guilted myself onto the bike.  I contemplated taking my bike out on the road, but after two separate cycling fatalities this weekend - one in Georgia and another just outside Charlotte - I decided that the trainer was the much safer route.  90 minutes with a heavy emphasis on power intervals and steady state work left a giant puddle of sweat on the mat and my legs screaming for mercy.  Not so lucky for them, there was a four mile run to follow.  Aside from my knee - no surprise, didn't heal overnight - it was a decent run.  I'll never understand why I run so much better off the bike than a stand-alone run.

Sticking with a green theme for St. Patrick's day, I made a salad for dinner.  Arugula, quinoa, black beans, broccoli slaw, radish, cucumber, avocado, and balsamic dressing.  It was a great salad, but I can already tell the night will not be complete without a sweet treat.  I consider it my reward for tackling a tough workout.

What did you do to enjoy the beautiful spring weather?

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