Saturday, March 9, 2013

Salmon Dinner + Odds and Ends

I've had a hankering for salmon for about a week now.  Evidently the food gods were looking out for me this week, as I received a text that Earth Fare had bourbon marinated salmon filets on sale.  After an incredibly perfect post-call day, complete with hours outside under the beautiful blue skies and 68 degree temperatures, I concluded the evening with a little time in the kitchen.  I prepared the salmon by placing it in a cold oven set to 400 degrees and pulled it out in exactly 23 minutes.  The end result - perfectly cooked salmon!  In addition I prepared quinoa and pan-seared rainbow chard and sweet onions.  SO GOOD!  

Between conference in Park City and then my trip to Atlanta, I noticed that my camera was accumulating many "odds and ends" pictures.  So, while I'm kicked back enjoying the satisfaction of a delicious dinner, I'll share with you some other eats of recent weeks.

I spotted this recipe for Whole Food's Tempeh Curry with Sweet Potatoes and Green Beans, and knew immediately that it was a combination of flavors that I would love.  So simple to prepare, yet impressively complex flavors.  Definitely add this to your dinner rotation.

I'm loving my waffle maker that I received as a Christmas gift.  I believe this was a whole wheat pumpkin waffle topped with bananas, blackberries, and maple syrup.

I discovered a special surprise hidden in my own house on Valentine's Day.  Someone had placed a bag of treats in the guest bedroom closet and waited until v-day to lead me toward it.  My valentine knows me well - chocolate covered figs, raisin crisps, a gourmet granola bar, and scented bath salts.

I haven't made a formal trip to the grocery store in several weeks, and instead, have been working my way through an abundant supply of freezer leftovers.  One of last weeks random meals was english muffin pizzas with arugula, scrambled eggs, and grapefruit.

About a month ago, I picked up these gems at the farmer's market.  Now, for the life of me, I cannot remember their name.  Any ideas?  I cooked the root vegetable by slicing it and then roasting.  It had a slightly spicy taste, perhaps most similar to a turnip. I'll definitely be seeking it out again.  The greens were simply pan sauteed in a bit of coconut.  Lentil loaf was the third component on the plate for added protein.

How do you feel about "springing forward" tonight?  Considering that I have to work tomorrow, I'm not too happy about losing an hour of sleep.  However, I love when it stays light later at night, so I'll gladly suffer the painful morning alarm clock in exchange for more light.

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