Monday, April 18, 2011

Bottomless Pit

I was initially going to entertain you all with a race report from the Cartersville Duathlon this past weekend.  In the hour I've spent considering writing that, however, I've taken numerous snack breaks (and I only finished eating dinner 1 hour ago!).  So, you'll have to wait anxiously until tomorrow for all the juicy race details, and instead, I'll write about what is on my mind - FOOD.  Today has been one of those days where my appetite has been on overdrive all day long and I can't seem to get past feeling hungry.  My stomach is never too keen on eating much after races or hard workouts, so I suppose today it's playing catch up.  Here's a sneak peak at the damage I've done today:

Snack #1 - chai latte, banana with almond butter
Breakfast - bagel sandwich with 2 eggs and cheese
Lunch - spinach nuggets, yogurt with granola, cuke and bell pepper with ranch, orange, kiwi, ginger snaps
Snack #2 - dove dark chocolate, granola bar, mix1
Dinner - barley and vegetable bake, salad
Snack #3 - milk with choc protein powder, jelly beans, girl scout cookie (the thin mints were calling my  name from the freezer), dried apricots with chocolate peanut butter (great combo - you should try it), tortilla chips

I'm sure other athletes will agree, that there is nothing more annoying than strangers or other random people pointing out that you are skinny and should eat more.  Little do they know just how much we all actually eat to fuel our workouts.  Frequently I'd like to reply with "you're quite fat, maybe you should eat less."  Somehow I imagine that could get ugly!

Anyways, that's it for tonight.  I'll leave you with a photo of my delicious pre-race dinner, since this is afterall partially a food blog and I've yet to include any delicious eats.  Ask any serious athlete, and I guarantee they are particular about what they eat leading up to a race.  My requirement is that it must include sweet potatoes - my single most favorite food.  Saturday night's eats included a salmon burger, sweet potatoe wedges, and a side of some corn and okra. 

Back to the kitchen I go.  Race details tomorrow . . .

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