Saturday, April 2, 2011

Do I Really Want to Blog?

For at least a couple years now I have contemplated starting a blog.  Initially, I wanted to chronicle the endless hours I spend swimming, biking, and running and the ridiculous volume of food I consume to fuel it all.  I have an immense passion for both the triathlete lifestyle and delicious culinary creations, so why not share the love, right?  And then there's my life as a medical student that adds a challenge to the art of balancing training and culinary greatness.  Apparently my friends and family find my daily musings regarding interesting surgical cases and life as a medical student intriguing, and often, downright funny (although I promise it's not nearly as dramatic as Gray's Anatomy!).  And so repeatedly people have mentioned that I should share my "glamourous" life as a soon to be doctor with the world wide web.  In just 1 short month I will graduate from medical school, and then will be starting my orthopaedic surgery residency!  While I am very, very excited to begin this next step along my journey, life as I know it is soon to vastly change, as this small side job will soon be taking up 80 hours of my time each week.  While my dreams of being a professional triathlete and chef/restauranteur sound exciting, they unfortunately won't support my little commitment to repay the millions of pennies I borrowed to fund my medical school adventure.  And last I checked, Mr. Federal Governemnt wasn't feeling the love and generosity to forgive me of my small fortune in debt.  Therefore, my hope is to provide you with humerous outtakes of my day-to-day life as a surgery resident trying to maintain her sanity by swimming, biking, running, and cooking fabulous meals.  I hope you're up for an interesting ride!

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