Saturday, July 2, 2011

Easy and Delicious

I recently had the opportunity to try a frozen entree from a new company, Organic Bistro.  The concept behind the company is simple, and I was very impressed by their dedication to producing meals that allow us to eat better and feel well.  Organic Bistro describes their meals in the following way:

"Every single-serving frozen meal is balanced with the best sources of lean protein, fiber-rich whole grains, plentiful vegetables and healthy fats.  Our wholesome ingredients  keep their flavor because they’re unprocessed.  So our recipes taste great without added salt and artificial flavors."  

Their product line includes Bistro Meals and Bistro Bowls.  All are balanced, sustainable, low-glycemic index, complete, gluten-free, creative, and full of real foods.  

I selected the Asian Style Coconut Lemongrass with Chicken Bowl.

The ingredient list is quite impressive and notably lacks all of the preservatives and artificial ingredients found in the majority of frozen entrees.

My only concern with this meal was how filling it would be for dinner.  given that the entire meal is only 260 calories, I expected a very small portion.  After cooking, however, I was pleasantly surprised with the generous serving of food.

The verdict - DELICIOUS!  This is by far the best frozen meal I've ever eaten.  The chicken has the texture of real breast meat chicken, the vegetables are crisp and tender, the rice/quinoa mix hearty, and the sauce light and flavorful.  Paired together with a salad, it was filling and satisfying for dinner.  For those of you with hectic lives that don't always leave time for preparing an extensive meal, I'd HIGHLY recommend Organic Bistro!!  The Sesame Ginger Wild Salmon Bowl is already waiting in my freezer to try soon!

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