Sunday, October 16, 2011

Back to Reality

My last meal in Atlanta was a birthday dinner - take 2!  Dad, Mom, and I dined on a delicious sushi dinner at Kani Steakhouse.  I can't begin to remember which rolls I selected for us all to share, so you'll have to drool over the pictures instead.  It was fantastic!

Vacation came and went and it's back to the reality of being a surgery resident.  I caught an early morning flight back to Charlotte on Wednesday.  I won't always fly home, but it worked out well this time and allowed me to maximize my time in Atlanta.  

I have to share my in-flight breakfast with you.  Even in the Atlanta airport, which has pretty extensive food selections, healthy options for breakfast are few and far between.  In an effort to save some money and enjoy a healthy breakfast, I raided my parents fridge before I left.  A little extra effort  and planning resulted in a delicious breakfast of yogurt, berries, and mixed cereals.  

I've learned the hard way once before that the grumpy security officials consider yogurt to be a liquid and are very quick to keep it for themselves.  So, how have I managed to work around the system?  Freeze the yogurt.  An easy breeze thru security and by the time I'm ready to eat it on the plane it's thawing.  Got to use all those brain cells and years of education for something!

It's been a busy week in the pediatric emergency room.  Lots of worried parents with very well children and a few interesting cases mixed in.  I enjoy interacting with the kiddos, but it's yet another rotation that reinforces how happy I am that I'll ultimately be enjoying a career in orthopaedics. 

Between workouts and working, I've not had any time to hit the grocery store since I've been home.  Fortunately, I received lots of birthday emails from restaurants last week and I've been putting them to good use.  Dinners have included Moe's, Jason's Deli, and McAlister's.  Tonight, however, I was forced to raid the freezer.  I did make a short stop at the farmers market before work yesterday, so I've got plenty of fruits and veggies.  Here's a poor girl's "freezer finds" dinner.

Masala Burger on toast topped with salsa, sweet potato fries, steamed carrots and squash
Tomorrow I must go to the grocery store, or it could start to get ugly!  I'm feeling a crock pot meal.  It needs to include kale since I might have bought a giant bagful at the farmers market (it was only $1 - I couldn't resist).  And I have about a dozen baby squash as well (that $1 basket really had me excited!).  Hmmm . . . what should I make?  

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