Saturday, October 29, 2011

Lessons Learned

It was a rough day in the ER.  Perhaps this puts it in perspective.

1.  Freezing cold mornings = empty ER.
2.  Savor each minute of idle time.  Things change in a hurry and you'll wish you had enjoyed the peace.
3.  Asking a child with the flu to take deep breaths while your face is at their level results in a spattering of icky flu bugs all over said doctor's personal space.
4.  Sometimes I wish I could treat the parents rather than the child
5.  Children are a product of their environment, no questions asked.  See #4.
6.  There's something to be said for being taught to play well with others in the sandbox.  Despite being highly educated, some people missed that life lesson.
7.  It's a pretty cool feeling to gain the trust of a kid.
8.  Football keeps the ER in business.
9.  It's easier to smile and laugh than it is to get angry.
10.  Sarcasm is a good coping mechanism.
11.  Poop and snot are two very good reasons that I did not choose to be a pediatrician.
12.  If #11 isn't enough to keep me away, refer back to #4 and 5.
13.  Chaos and insecurity breeds more of the same.  Step up and take charge!
14.  Small hard objects traveling towards the face at high rates of speed have bad consequences.
15.  Snoop Dog and Snooki are "role models" to preschool children.  Another fine display of parenting skills!
16.  It's awesome to care for kids with loving families, yet sad that it isn't the norm.  A simple reminder of just how lucky I am to have amazing parents!
17.  Are you a physician or a robot?  There's a big difference.
18.  I couldn't be happier that I've chosen to be an orthopaedic surgeon.
19.  Shift-work can be a really great thing.
20.  Cozy pajamas, a blanket, and eating gelato straight from the container makes everything right in the world.

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