Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sunday SBR - Week 1

Week one of 2014 triathlon training is officially in the books.  Only 37 more weeks to go before Ironman Chattanooga!

Swimming - 6300 yards

Biking - 3 hours on the trainer

Running -  15 miles

Strength - 2 hours

Total time = 9:10

I started the week with a swim performance test of 10x100 yards with 10 seconds between each set.  I was consistent throughout and very happy with my final 100 in 1:18.  Hopefully I can maintain some of that speed as we build distance.

Tuesday I had a dreaded lactate threshold bike test.  Ugh!  One of my least favorite workouts.  I got the job done, but don't look forward to repeating the test in a few weeks when I have my power meter.

Strength-wise, I'm trying something new by lifting heavier weights.  Coach says "squats = watts", so I'll be focusing on getting stronger during these next couple months of base training.   Royce would be proud that I'm moving beyond the girly dumbbells and into the muscle corner of the gym.  If nothing else, it's entertaining to watch the guys admire their own "buffness" in the mirrors.

The picture of the week is my newest training gadget - the Garmin 910 XT.

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