Friday, January 3, 2014

Good-bye 2013

Where have the past 365 days gone?  On one hand it seems like it's been forever since we celebrated Christmas 2012, yet it also seems hard to believe it could be 2014 already.  It hardly seems like it has been a year since I was writing my 13 in 2013 post.

Based on the fact that everyone seems to be recapping their highlights of 2013, I figure I will jump on the boat as well.  Rather than drag you along month by month, here are some high points in a few segments of my life.

  • Attended a sport medicine conference in Park City, UT 
  • Good-bye PGY-2 and hello PGY-3.  Each year get a bit better.  Still loving our group of residents!
  • I spent two whole months living as a vampire.  However, in November I completed my last month of night float EVER.
  • As of today, only six more months of in-house junior call.  Senior call brings a whole new set of responsibilities, but knowing that I'll no longer be spending 24 hours at a time in the hospital makes me very happy.
  • I think I've finally decided to pursue a pediatric sports medicine fellowship.  My recent trip to the IPOS Conference reaffirmed that decision.
  • 415 hours of total workouts
    • Swimming = 98 hours, 305831 yards (174 miles!)
    • Biking = 177 hours 
    • Running = 73 hours (506 miles)
    • Strength Training = 40 hours
    • Yoga = 22 hours
  • My first race placement with a cash payout
  • Two overall race wins - Ramblin' Rose and Red Top Mountain
  • Dad, Royce, and Erin did their first triathlon as a relay team
  • I made a crazy decision to race Ironman Chattanooga September 2014
Fun and Family
And with that, we reach January of 2014.    I'll be back with goals and plans for the year, but for now, I think this sums up my strategy quite well . . . 

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