Saturday, April 7, 2012

Night or Day?

Breakfast of tempeh and scrambled eggs, peanut butter english muffin, and banana.  While many might enjoy this weekend "breakfast" at a normal hour of 8am, I was feasting on at 4pm.  

I'm currently living in the land of trauma-drama, a.k.a. a month long stretch in the surgical trauma ICU.  Over the course of the month, I'll work 11 nights and the remainder of the time on days.  The hardest part of nights is getting your body clock adjusted.  It always seems to take me a few days before I can really sleep well during the daylight hours, and by then I switch back to days.    Somehow, though, my body seems to get by on less sleep while working nights and I enjoy a few "extra" daylight hours.  Today I was awake by 3:15pm, enjoyed an hour on the deck, watched The Masters, went for a 6 mile run, and now am sipping a latte and getting ready for work.

When I'm working 14+ hour days, I tend to eat all 3 meals at the hospital.  Or, as in the above picture, I bring hospital food home for dinner.  Sure, I love to cook, but having a decent selection of already prepared food at work is a great alternative.  Here's a glimpse into the non-cafeteria treats I've enjoyed this week.

Starbuck's soy lattes are by far my favorite coffeehouse drink.  There's simply nothing like enjoying sip after sip of heaven to fuel me through a long day.

Most mornings my breakfast ends up being a bowl of cereal and a banana, eaten in a rush while rounding on patients or sitting in morning report.  Breakfast is possibly my favorite meal of the day, and I miss giant yogurt/granola/fruit bowls, omelets, and pancakes.  Friday morning I whipped up a batch of whole wheat banana pancakes topped with a blackberry reduction syrup.  I always make extra pancakes, wrap them up in pairs and freeze them.  Then, on mornings when I'm pressed for time I can simply toss them in the toaster and enjoy a pancake breakfast in a flash.

I combined fresh farmer's market veggies (asparagus, carrots, and bean sprouts) with carrot ginger soup to make a hearty and refreshing lunch.  Served on the side was pretzel crisps with hummus and a fresh pear.

Time to head back to the hospital for another night of trauma-rama!

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