Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

I hope the Easter Bunny brought happiness to everyone today!

The good news is that despite Bailey's best attempts, I've received report that peter cotton-tail escaped by a narrow margin this morning and will live to see another year.  That dog loves her bunny rabbits!

Looking back through the blog, I came to realize that I've now been blogging for 1 year.  Wow, amazing how time flies!  It's neat to look back at Easter 2011 and relive the memories.  Life is just a little different now.  Last year I enjoyed a lazy morning, fun in the kitchen preparing a feast, and spending quality time with family, all while knowing I was done with medical school and on a 3 month vacation.  Flash forward to 2012 and I spent the night working in the trauma ICU, tossed and turned for 5 restless hours, woke up tired, tried to write an essay that I am totally uninspired to write, and have 2 hours before I'm back at work again.  And, on top of that, I'm missing spending the day with my family and enjoying Easter dinner together.  Oh, the life of a resident.  

As for my Easter dinner, I'm not exactly expecting a great culinary masterpiece from the hospital cafeteria at midnight.  Judging by last night's selections of fried chicken, spare ribs, carrots floating in butter, mushy overcooked broccoli, and macaroni and cheese, it's not looking promising.  Maybe the Easter Bunny will delivery a vegan holiday feast.  A girl can hope, right?!

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