Monday, December 26, 2011

Lazy Dog

Bailey is my partner in crime when I'm at home.  From my morning wake up call as she takes a running dive onto my bed, to an 8  mile run, to car rides, to lounging on the couch reading, to curling up by the fireplace, to snuggling up at my feet in bed, there aren't a lot of moments where she isn't keeping close tabs on my whereabouts.  Anyone who first meets her would probably agree that she is a wild and crazy dog with TONS of energy.  As seriously as she takes her exercise and playtime, however, she also places equal effort in her laziness.  Should you have any doubts, reference the pictures below as my evidence.

Every night in the winter at about 5:30pm, Bailey calls it quits for the night.  She paces in front of her bed until someone comes to turn on the fireplace and cover her in a blanket.  I kid you not - this dog loves nothing more than burying herself under a blanket and passing out for the night!

In the living room, we have a couch that goes unused most of the day unless someone decides to curl up with a book to read, or to take a nap.  The second someone enters that room, Bailey immediately comes running.  She knows that the opposite end of the couch is all hers.

Curled up with me while I read.  Notice that she snuggles up with my blanket and is sleeping across my legs.  

Sometimes she doesn't even need a couch partner.
If it's mid-afternoon and the dog has disappeared, you can very likely find her here.

This is MY bed and MY pillows.
Someone else seems to think the whole comforter + pillow construct makes a perfect dog bed.

Yes, the dog owns a sweater.  What can I say, she hates to be  cold.
This is the office sofa.  All it takes is Dad saying "Bailey, let's go to work" and the dog makes herself comfortable.
And just for the record, when my parents first got the dog there was a "no pets on furniture" policy.  As you can see, things have changed.  Princess Bailey rules the roost, no questions asked.

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