Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Twas the Night Before Christmas '11

Christmas Eve is hosted by my Mom's parents each year.  It is traditionally my parents, brother, Erin, me, and my grandparents who celebrate the evening together.  Here's a recap of Christmas Eve 2011

Grandma and I in the kitchen.  A little blackberry wine cocktail while we finish cooking .

Grandma and Grandpa with the amazing spread they prepared for us.

Mom and her parents.
 This year's feast featured many amazingly delicious Whole Food's items, including vegetarian egg rolls, chicken pot stickers, hummus with crackers and seaweed snacks, shrimp, veggies, sausage cheese balls, strawberries and grapes, cheese cubes, latkes, and sweet potato spinach quesadillas.  The combination of everything was FANTASTIC!  I love buffets because I can get a little bit of lots of different things.
The beautiful spread

My plate.  Too many great options meant that I was required to have a second big plateful.

An assortment of Trader Joe's cookies.  Yum!

After dinner we spent some time talking with my Uncle and Cousin on Skype.
In deep conversation after dinner.

Royce and Erin
With full bellies and some great gifts from my grandparents, we headed home for some Christmas Eve family time.  As I mentioned previously, our family tradition is to receive pajamas on Christmas Eve.  Evidently this year Mom and Dad decided to get us cozy slippers rather than another pair of pajamas to add to the collection.  However, when Mom read about how much I treasured the tradition, she went out just days before Christmas and picked up pajamas for us as well.  Thanks Mom and Dad!  Both the slippers and PJs are warm and cozy.

By 11pm, everyone was tucked tightly in bed so that Santa would have plenty of time to make his appearance while we were sleeping.

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