Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas Day in Pictures

8am - Presents waiting under the tree
The kids anxiously awaiting the unwrapping of Santa's gifts

Starting with stockings

Armed with a cup of gingerbread coffee

A chimnea for his deck

Chia charger snacks, and a food photography book

Gifts from Santa are always wrapped using a special paper and come with hand-written name tags

Mom gets a Vitamix!

Bailey patiently waits for her gifts

Kaluha on the other hand is wild and crazy for Bailey's "old" toys

Trying to take a family picture with two wild and crazy dogs

Not exactly perfect, but the best of the shots

Mom and Royce get dueling iPhones.  They were both shocked to receive them!

More games for the Wii

Traditional breakfast - grits casserole, sweet rolls, and grapefruit.  Mmm good!

All of my gifts - quite a collection.  I guess I must have been pretty good in 2011!

Afternoon snack time - cowboy caviar, roasted shrimp, olives, veggies with hummus, and cookies

The spread of homemade cookies - chewy ginger cookies, peanut butter chocolate oat balls, lemon drops, chocolate peanut butter surprises, peppermint cookie balls, snickerdoodles, and dark chocolate bark with pistachios and cranberries
Since I had to drive back to Charlotte that day to work on the 26th, we had our holiday "dinner" at 4pm.  The spread was as delicious as always.  Here I am typing this post at dinner time, drooling, and craving a plate of leftovers!  Please note the superior quality of the photos below.  They were all taken with Mom's fancy new camera.  My iPhone will have to continue to suffice for now, but a new camera is definitely on my horizon.
The turkey - stuffed with herbs and slow roasted on the green egg .  I swear that every bird gets better and better.
Dad's got it figured out!

Grilled mixed veggies

Mashed potatoes and carrots

Freshly baked citrus-spiked applesauce

Cornbread poppers with pepper jelly

The fabulous parents responsible for providing a stellar holiday celebration for the family!

Let's eat!

My first serving.  I almost forgot to mention the salad with pears, blue cheese and walnuts.

Must have been pretty good!

Our family + Mom's parents pose for the camera after successfully polishing off our meal.
And that successfully sums up Christmas 2011.  It was a fantastic holiday filled with family time, relaxation, gift exchanges, and eating plenty of great food.  Merry Christmas to all!

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