Sunday, January 22, 2012

Vitamin C

Sorry for the disappearing act, but there wasn't much to share.  Friday afternoon my throat started to get sore, and by that night I had a full-blown head cold.  Thanks to my infectious disease rotation that I'm currently on, I've contemplated whether it could be meningitis, encephalitis, malaria, or the plague.  Fortunately, I've survived the past 48 hours, so I think it may just possibly be a cold.

To sum up my weekend, workouts were lackluster, I spent most of the day in either sweatpants or pajamas, and meals were the epitome of laziness.  Meals have consisted of soup, microwavable meals, peanut butter and jelly, eggs, smoothies, and lots of glasses of emergen-c.  In fact, the only meal I captured on camera was breakfast this morning.  

Tonight, however, I summoned up the energy to cook a decent meal.  I came across this recipe for Orange Peel Shrimp last week and knew immediately that I needed to try it. The combination that tomorrow is Chinese New Year and the fact that I need as much vitamin C as possible, it was only fitting to be served for dinner tonight.

I followed the directions pretty closely with the exception of using minimal oil, adding bean sprouts, leaving out the peppers, substituting hoisen sauce (instead of soy sauce - I was out), and substituting mango preserves (instead of orange, which I didn't have).

The verdict - definitely a keeper!  The citrus flavor is perfect, and probably would be even better if I had the orange preserves. It has all of the richness of traditional Chinese carry-out, yet without all of the unhealthiness that usual accompanies the oriental foods.

I served a plate of roasted kale on the side, topped with a little ketchup for good measure.  Don't knock it until you try it!  Sounds strange, but they are perfect together.

Oh, and I almost forgot.  My big accomplishment for the weekend . . . .

I painted my bathroom.  Now that Mom helped me to make my family room and kitchen look so amazing with a fresh coat of pain, I've been eagerly planning to paint my bedroom and bathroom.  I just tackled the bathroom this weekend, but the bedroom is certainly on the horizon.

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  1. Sweat pants and PJs?? Your weekend sounds perfect to me! Hope you get better soon.