Wednesday, January 18, 2012

WIAW - Take 1

Those of you who are frequent food blog readers are likely very family with the term "WIAW."  However, for those who are completely confused by my abbreviation, let me explain.  "What I Ate Wednesday" (WIAW) is a popular theme across many food blogs that features people showcasing all of their eats for a single day.  It's a neat concept, and for whatever reason, I think it's really interesting to see everything that a single person eats in a day.  

I've been intending to publish a WIAW post for months now, but I always either forget the need to start taking pictures at breakfast or I eat rushed meals in the middle of the day that go unphotographed.  Today, however, I was determined to finally catch all of the eating on film.  So, here's a day's worth of eat for me!
Pre-swim fuel: Banana with Chia Charger Peanut Butter + Dried Cherries
5:30AM: SWIM:  2500 meter pyramid workout

7:00AM:  Arrive at work and sift through patient vitals and labs from overnight
Kashi Go-Lean Crunch + Kashi Go Lean + Granola
9:00AM:  Time to reward myself for getting up early and going to the pool.  Plus, I need some caffeine to fuel me through the PAIN that is rounding on the medicine service
Tall Extra-Hot Soy Latte
 12:30PM:  Break from rounding to eat lunch and study
My favorite lunch = A Salad Mess
Greens, cuke, tomato, sprouts, carrots, bell pepper, lentils, wheatberries, cabbage, green beans, and balsamic dressing

Nothing signifies the end of a meal better than a piece of dark chocolate.  
I also enjoyed a fig newton that went unphotographed.
 3:45PM:  Still rounding . . . I was craving an apple, but had to make do with the granola bar in my pocket

4:45PM:  Quick 4 mile run

6:00PM:  Dinner time!  Tonight's theme was "create a meal out of odds and ends in the refrigerator".
2 Over-medium eggs, Earth Fare salad bar leftovers (broccoli, tofu, sweet potato, "chik'n salad", cabbage roll), brussel sprouts, tomatoes, and carrots with hummus
8:00PM:  Trying to study, but can't keep my eyes open.  Must get more reading done, so I head to the kitchen for some energy.
Red naval orange, trail mix, jelly beans
And that's a day's eats.  Stay tuned for WIAW - Take 2.  Hopefully next week . . . . or maybe in 2 months.  We'll see if I remember to catch each morsel on camera.

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