Sunday, January 29, 2012


Tonight's dinner featured my favorite cooking method - oven roasted.
Tikka Masala Chicken  Nuggets + Cinnamon Dusted Sweet Potatoes + Citrus Herb Seasoned  Zucchini
I had an odd craving for chicken nuggets the other day, so I deemed it the perfect reason to pull a lonely chicken breast out of the freezer (gotta love Earth Fare's great coupons!).  After cutting it into nugget shapes, I gave them a quick spray of olive oil and then rolled them in panko bread crumbs and tikka masala seasoning.  Baked at 425 for 16 minutes (flipped at the halfway point).  Delicious!

I started the day out with a hearty breakfast to fuel a day of studying.
Scrambled Eggs + Cranberry-topped Oatmeal Scone + Cara Cara Orange
Then I proceeded to spend a couple hours at Starbucks attempting to study.  I was struggling to focus at home and thought the getaway would do me some good.  Unfortantely, some new parents had the same idea and brought their beautiful, yet VERY upset baby to hang out while they enjoyed a latte.  Mission study with a latte - FAIL.

Back at home I continued to study, yet never could get in a groove.  I am so completely burnt out studying, it is ridiculous.  I went for a run to try to clear my head and find a better mood, but it turned out to be a miserable 8 miles.  The legs felt like lead and I just couldn't get into a good rhythm.  So, after a lackluster day, I've declared it a study free night.  Hopefully tomorrow will bring some better mojo.

Before I forget, I can't help but mention my awesome dessert last night.
Gingerbread Cookie + Cinnamon Banana "Ice Cream"
The Vitamix comes through again!  The banana ice cream is so simple and healthy, yet it tastes like a creamy confection from the local ice cream shoppe.  Just one large frozen banana and ~1/4 cup of almond milk thrown in the blender and turned on high for approximately 30 seconds.  It would be really great topped with hot fudge too!

Time to watch some soccer.  Go USA!

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