Sunday, January 15, 2012

Where Did Sunday Go?

Does anyone else find that Sunday seem to fly by faster than any other day of the week?  I accomplished a lot today, yet before I knew it I was making dinner and getting ready for work tomorrow (yes, despite the fact that the entire federal government shuts down for MLK day, the hospital is up and running).  With a full refrigerator and time to prepare meals, today's meals were pretty well rounded.

Scrambled eggs + grapefruit (SO good right now!) +
Great Harvest 9 Grain toast (peanut butter + cherry preserves on one half, pb+ cinnamon + honey on the other)

Coffee to fuel me through a couple hours of studying infectious diseases.
 Today's workout featured 90 minutes of a strength endurance workout on the bike.  1200 calories and lots of sweat loss later, I was more than ready for lunch.  Evidently my eyes were larger than my stomach, and I saved half of my hummus + dippers plate for afternoon snack.
Collards + Smoothie Bowl topped with Chia Charger bites + Hummus and Dippers 

What a beauty!  The smoothie featured vanilla yogurt, pumpkin, cranberries, 1/2 frozen banana, and flax.  
My eyes hate my contacts!  Rocking my new glasses today.

Roasted brussel sprouts tossed with a citrus balsamic reduction.  MMMM, good!

Brussels alongside tofu and butternut squash
And with that, Sunday is officially coming to a close.  Time to curl up in bed, watch some of the Golden Globes, and pass out.  Planning to hit the pool for a lovely 5:30am swim tomorrow and dreading the freezing cold temperatures already!

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