Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Big Apple

NYC is such a fun place!  Ever since spending a month in the city during an orthopaedic rotation in October 2010, I've been anxiously awaiting a return trip.  There's something special about NYC - the hustle and bustle, unique culture, endless dining options, running in Central Park, and great shopping.  I could go on and on.  Needless to say, when my parents told me about their upcoming business trip that happen to coincide with a month that I could take vacation, I wasted no time at all and booked myself a flight.

After an early flight, we were in the city by 10am on Sunday, checked into our hotel, and quickly set out on foot.  

Our home away from home was the NY Hilton in the Fashion District on 26th between 6th and 7th.  It's a relatively new hotel and provided a really enjoyable stay.

We wandered through the flatiron district and stopped to take a photo of the iconic location.

Spring may have sprung in the South, but NYC was still in the 30s and low 40s.
Hopefully that's the last time I'll be using my scarf and gloves this season!
Our lunch destination was Chelsea Market, home of the Food Network and lots of great restaurants and shops.  The plan of attack was to pick up odds and ends of delicious food from several places to create a tasty lunch spread.

First stop was The Lobster Place.  The fresh seafood is incredible!  Table after table of fresh fish, lobster, shrimp, and clams.  We may have been in NYC, but it felt like we were on the banks of Florida's beaches!

There was no way we could pass up sushi roll. 

They are known for their Lobster Bisque, so we ladled up an obligatory bowl for sharing.
I also picked a bowl of New England Clam Chowder for good measure.

Our lunch spread.  Along with soup and sushi, we shared a mix of freshly baked breads from Amy's Bread.
Semolina Fennel Twist, Pumpernickel Raisin Twist, Olive Twist, and Sunday Pizza.

Enjoying lunch with Dad and Mom!
After a tasty meal, we wandered through the rest of Chelsea Market.  The selection of foods is truly incredible!  If I lived nearby, I'd certainly be spending the large majority of my paycheck here!

Before heading outside into the cold, I picked up a Soy Latte from 9th Street Espresso.  Check out the milk foam artwork!  I'm a Starbucks girl at heart, but this was a delicious cup of joe.

While Dad headed to the showroom to work, Mom and I set out to continue exploring.  We wandered through the West Village and Greenwich Village, stopping along the way to peak into shops, tea houses, and bakeries.  We even enjoyed some entertainment by a really good a capella group.

No trip to NYC is complete without a trip to Rocco's Bakery!

With so many amazing desserts, how do you pick just one thing?

Why pick one when you can get a whole box?
Cream pastry, pistachio meringues, berry tart, and frosted lemon cookies.
After lots of walking and window shopping, we made our way back to the hotel.  Dad and I had a running date!  I've been telling him that we had to run in Central Park since he's recently gotten serious about running. (As a side note, the man just ran his first ever 10K in 55 minutes the day before!  And he just started running for the first time ever 5 months ago.  What can I say, I'm a proud coach!)  We set out for a short easy run, but ended up enjoying ourselves so much that we covered just over 7 miles from our hotel, thru the park, along the East River, and back to the hotel.

Next up, dinner at Candle 79!  This is an incredible dining experience not to be missed!  So incredible, in fact, that it deserves it's own post.  I'll be back tomorrow with all of the details.

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