Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunny Weekend

Who needs lots of words when pictures do justice to summarize a beautiful March weekend?
A Chipotle Burrito Bowl is an easy dinner solution for a hungry girl with an empty refrigerator
after an early morning swim, long day of work , and a run.

A typical weekend pancake (or, in this case, waffle) breakfast.
Topped with almond butter, applesauce, baked cinnamon bananas, and molasses.

Farmer's Market goodies - kale, greens, avocados, grapefruit, tomato, mango, and yellow onion.  

An ice bath after a tough hour of weights followed by a long run. 

Lunch in the sunshine.  Not a very photogenic meal.
Stuffed pepper diced up and mixed with roasted veggies and topped with nutritional yeast.  Random, yet tasty.

The Cooking Hard Stuff Challenge - Mole Skillet Pie

Getting down to business.  90 minutes of blood, sweat, and tears.

Killer lunch!
I miss the days when I enjoyed a toasted sandwich for lunch everyday during the first two years of medical school.

Check this out!  Great Harvest Multigrain Flax Bread, Mustard, Avocado, Maple Smoked Tempeh, Greens, and Tomato.
This was my first time trying this particular tempeh, and holy moly, I'll definitely be buying more of it! 

Pure deliciousness!

70 degrees, sunny, and not a single cloud in the skies.  Thank you Charlotte weather gods for the absolutely perfect weekend weather.  I certainly got my winter's worth of vitamin D in just two days and have a nice tan to show for it.
So there you go, you're all caught up on my weekend happenings.  Quality workouts, home-cooked meals, immersing myself in a novel, and lots of sunbathing.  I'm certainly thankful that my neurosurgery rotation was perfectly timed to allow me to enjoy this early spring weather!

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