Saturday, March 3, 2012

Marvelous March

Can you believe it's already March?  Here are a few things that are significant about this third month of 2012.

  • One year ago I was anxiously awaiting the results of the residency match.  Little did I know, a year later I'd be happily settled in Charlotte.
  • 8 months of intern year are DONE!  This also means that 14% of my residence is behind me. 
  • I'm on the neurosurgery service for the month.  While it may sound intense, it's one of our easiest rotations.  My goals are to learn a little, see some cool surgeries (think craniotomies and brain tumor resections), and most importantly, spend most of my afternoons OUT of the hospital.
  • March 1st featured beautiful, sunny, 78 degree weather.  I definitely spent 2 hours laying out on my deck and soaking it all up.
The Bradford Pear trees are a little confused by all of the warm weather.
  • Daylight hours are getting longer and I can actually enjoy a post-work run in the sunlight.
  • The triathlon season is just 2 months away.  Last weekend I did my first brick workout of the year.  Ouch!  I have some major work to do!
  • NYC!  I'm jetting away for 3 days of fun in the Big Apple.
Sipping my morning coffee from my NYC Starbuck's mug.
Great memories of the month I spent in the city in 2010.
  • T-minus 10 weeks until I'll be cruising the Western Caribbean!
Last night a couple friends and I set out to explore the South End Gallery Crawl and Food Trucks.  The first Friday of each month several local art galleries stay open late and showcase their products while also providing wine and munchies.  We wondered through several galleries, sipped on some wine, admired much of the art, but ultimately concluded the pieces weren't fit for a resident's budget.  The food trucks, however, were priced perfectly for penny-pinchers like ourselves.  Whoever thought up the food truck movement was brilliant! 
Yum - several great options!
Blackened Sea Summer:  Blackened tilapia, spicy aioli, mango slaw, tomato salsa, and lettuce.

Today was a mixed bag of activities.  Run, strength training, unsuccessful trip to the mall, lunch, packing, laundry, house cleaning, reading, TV watching, and biking.
Lunch featured a few of my favorites: scrambled eggs, roasted carrots, kale chips.
And now it's 10:26pm, and I'm beat.  Time for bed!

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