Sunday, March 18, 2012


This weekend was all about checking things off a list.  Based on the very few pictures on my camera, you might guess that I didn't accomplish all that much.  But in reality, I was checking to-do items off the list like crazy.  Guess I was too busy to stop and take pictures!  Here's the few moments that were captured.
THE LIST.  What can I say, a girl loves some organization!
Afternoon storms are brewing.

Very impressive and threatening clouds.
I though about taking cover, but decided standing on the deck taking pictures was a better choice.

Post-race lunch on Saturday.  A kitchen sink salad, chunk of bread,  and tomato soup.

Sunday's breakfast of cinnamon raisin oatmeal topped with banana.

My other meals have been rather unimpressive.  I seem to have accrued a refrigerator of leftovers, so this weekend's meals were random odds and ends thrown together on a plate.  Tonight, however, I have been busy creating a dish to take to the Charlotte Food Blogger's "green" themed potluck Monday.  I'll be back with details and pictures tomorrow.

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